History of DTS at SUNY Korea, 2012 to the Present

The Department of Technology and Society is the oldest and largest of departments introduced to SUNY Korea by Stony Brook University.  

A brief timeline of events about DTS and SUNY Korea is provided below.

2021.09.01 - Dr. Sangchan Park joins SUNY Korea as Professor and Chair of DTS. Dr. Park has been previously a Dean, an Associated Dean, and a Chair of the Department of Healthcare Management, and as a faculty member of the School of Management at Kyunghee University for over a decade. Plus, he has American experience as a professor at the Department of Operations and Information Mangement of the School of Business, at the University of Wisconsin-Madision, USA. He was faculty at the Department of Industrial Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) for 14 years. Dr. Park's research and teaching  are recognized by Korean govenmental awards including the Presidential Award, 2019, Quality Management, Korea; Minister's Award, 2007, E-Business, Ministry of Industry, Korea; and Minister's Award, 2001, Human Resources Development, Ministry of Information and Communication, Korea.

2019.09 - DTS Pioneers Fresh Undergraduate Specialization in ICT4D
The new ICT4D undergraduate specialization is implemented. From this point, all undergraduate TSM major students can choose from three specializations: Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS), Computer Science (CSE), and ICT for Development (ICT4D).

2019.08 - First Interchange of Faculty Between SBU & SUNY Korea
Gerry Stokes becomes the Chair of DTS at SUNY Korea, in the first long-term interchange of faculty from Stony Brook University’s DTS to SUNY Korea’s DTS.

2018.01 - DTS Pioneers Fresh Graduate Courses in Digital Technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
Under Chair James Larson, SUNY Korea’s DTS initiated innovation in the Master’s program as well. A new focus in Disaster Risk Reduction was added to the M.S. degree in Technological Systems Management. From this point, there are two tracks for the M.S. degree: Global Technology Management and Disaster Risk Reduction.

2017.12.01 - First Graduation of Undergraduate Students
Graduation of the first undergraduate class with a B.S. in Technological Systems Management. We were pleased to have President Stanley of Stony Brook University address the first undergraduates to graduate.

2016.03.01 - DTS Pioneers Fresh Undergraduate Courses in ICT4SD
Under Chair James Larson, SUNY Korea’s DTS initiated innovation in the undergraduate program. SUNY Korea’s DTS initiated a new undergraduate specialization in Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development(abbreviated, ICT4SD). Worldwide, the new digital technologies have revolutionized many facets of life and created fresh global and national development strategies for achieving political participation, educational access, market access and entrepreneurship capacities, telemedicine/e-medicine services, and digital financial services. Therefore, three new courses were added to the existing SBU curriculum to prepare our students for a growing importance of using 'big data,' managing network infrastructure, empowering new 'digital entrepreneurs', and analyzing mobile technologies.

2013.06.29 - First Graduation of Master's Students
The first graduation ceremony for students with M.S. degrees occurred.

2013.03.04 - First Day of Undergraduate Classes for SUNY Korea
First Day of Classes for the Charter Cohort in the undergraduate program (the B.S degree in Technological Systems Management). 129 students applied for the program, and 26 students from South Korea, the United States and Chile enrolled out of the 30 who were offered admission.

2012.08.03 - Authorization of Undergraduate Program
Operation of undergraduate program approved by MEST.

2012.03.02 - First Day of Graduate Classes for SUNY Korea
First Day of Classes for the Charter Cohort in our graduate studies program (the M.S. degree in Technological Systems Management). Former Chair Professor Fred Phillips, addressed the first class of graduate students. SUNY Korea's First President Kim Choonho addressed the first class of graduate students at SUNY Korea.

2009.05.12 - SUNY Korea authorized
The SUNY Board of Trustees approved a resolution authorizing the development and implementation of an overseas educational program and related academic degrees and research collaborations with partner universities and institutions located in the Incheon Free Economic Zone.