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Career Success in the 21st Century

"Follow us to the future."

Our unique degrees in Technological Systems Management (TSM) and Technology, Policy, and Innovation (TPI) address the knowledge and skills needed for career success in the 21st century.

Our programs prepare you with three sets of skills and social competences:

- for entry-level positions, get technical expertise in your field; however, you get more:
- for future management positions, get project management skills for problem-solving of social, environmental, and technical issues;
- for future international leaders and policy makers, get that wider global understanding of trends in future science and technology to make better choices for your society, businesses, and organizations.

Graduates of this Department have their own unique specializations:

Information and Communication Technology for Sustainable Development is a major focus of the department and includes a specialization in ICT4D as part of our programs in Technology Systems Management (TSM).

Master’s Degree Specialization in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is crucial to minimizing risk in future disasters by removing vulnerability and increasing resilience in human development.

In general, our graduates possess a set of "Fourth Industrial Revolution" capabilities to address matters of profound importance like the future of the Internet, technologies for improving the environment, and use of online education and online work skills. As noted in a recent report by the World Economic Forum, employers increasingly demand capabilities like digital collaboration, creativity, and problem-solving in technical environments.

Our curriculum gives students wide literacies and capabilities, via teaching four major technical skill sets in depth:

  • Data science management, including "big data," data visualization, artificial intelligence, and related topics.
  • Mobility and the mobile "apps" revolution
  • Digital networks, beginning with the Internet, the largest engineering project in human history
  • Entrepreneurship, startup ventures, innovation and design thinking.

Graduates from our Department of Technology and Society finish degree programs that put them at the top of their field for understanding and reacting to issues of managing technological changes effectively.

Two groups benefit from our programs and contribute to our programs:

  • The academic group of Undergraduates into the Master's and Doctorate degree, and
  • The professional group of working adults in graduate education that come to our department to gain a wider global mindset and knowledge base to be eligible for promotion to take on international leadership tasks in their globally-expanding organizations.

Merging these academic and professional tracks in the same courses lets both groups learn from each other in a unique classroom synergy rare to find. Undergraduates and graduates get course credit for business internships. Plus, professional workers get training and global experience for career advancement (and promotion!).

DTS remains unique, and we continue to be a STS pioneer.

Starting in the 1970's, we developed a tradition in our home department at Stony Brook University in the science-technology-society (STS) field along with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). At SUNY Korea, we continue to innovate in this area with our unique multi-disciplinary focus in ICT4SD and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).

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