Five-Year Accelerated BS/MS Program

Technological Systems Management

Five-Year Accelerated BS/MS Program in Technological Systems Management (TSM)

This accelerated program allows students to get both their BS and MS degrees in 5 years by allowing approved undergraduate students to take 2 graduate courses in their senior year and continuing into the MS program.

General Requirements

This accelerated degree program pertains to the concentrations in Global Technology Management and Digital Technologies in Disaster Risk Reduction.

Original requirements for BS/TSM and MS/TSM:
Total credits for BS/TSM and MS/TSM separately = 151 credits
BS/TSM = 121 credits
MS/TSM = 30 credits

Accelerated BS/MS TSM Program:
Total credits for Accelerated BS/MS TSM Program = 145 credits
BS/TSM = 121 credits (same as credits)
MS/TSM = 30 credits, 6 of which are taken with BS/TSM, for a total of six less credits than taking BS and MS separately

Specific Program Requirements

For admission to BS/MS TSM, students must:

  • 1) Apply to the program during their junior year;
  • 2) Have an average GPA of 3.0 or higher in courses taken in the TSM major, and have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher

To assure quality of the program, a minimum grade of B in the core courses will be required for acceptance of credits towards the MS/TSM.

Full-time Study Requirements

Students will be able to complete the entire accelerated BS/MS TSM program at the end of their 5th year of study if they maintain full time student status. The accelerated program reduces the number of undergraduate electives that students take from 3 to 1, and replaces the two undergraduate elective courses with the two graduate core courses, EST 581: Heuristics and Quantitative Decision-Making and and EST 582: Systems Approach to Human-Machine Systems.

Advantages for this BS/MS in TSM degree are:

  • Earlier admission to MS/TSM program while the student is in their third year of the BS/TSM program.
  • Taking two graduate courses early to replace two elective undergraduate classes will strengthen their overall knowledge.
  • Shorter time to complete the MS/TSM program.
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