Professional Training, Global Mindset

Job Experience Before Graduation: Specifications That Put You Above the Rest

Undergraduates can get school credit for their internship at a company. We have placed internships or have full time alumni workers at

  • Incheon International  Airport (rated one of the world's best airports for 10 years),
  • United Nations Office of Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR, in the international "G-Tower" in Songdo),
  • Incheon Foundation (a technical policy 'think tank' run by the city),
  • Korean private companies and state public companies,
  • technical project management at semiconductor manufacturers,
  • web designers and media campaign managers at major corporations.

For Undergraduates, you can get “Spec” at DTS.
In the world in general, employers today look for eight specifications, or “spec,” which refers to “Educational background, GPA, English Use ("TOEIC" score), Certification, Internships, Volunteer Works, Overseas study, and Awards.”  Those who have it all are the talented ones that the companies want. Our programs have helped graduates enter Master's/Doctorate study programs with the caliber of Syracuse University in the USA and Seoul National University in South Korea.

Interested in EST 488: Internship in Technology and Society? Get the form→

In this internship course, students fulfill requirements of EST 488 through a supervised learning activity in which the student applies knowledge and skills acquired within the classroom to real-world settings. Then, the student can use this real world experience to enhance their later academic success and professional development.

A student interested in this internship experience should submit a proposal to the DTS Department Coordinator that includes the location, immediate supervisor, nature of the project, and hours per week for the project. One mid-semester report and one end of semester report are required. The internship may be repeated up to a limit of 12 credits, but only 3 credits of EST 488 may be used for either TSM major credit or specialization credit.

At DTS, academic outreach opportunities like this are:  
1. First, you can get good ideas for other external projects and experiences by viewing what graduates and alumni are doing, by visiting the Graduate Students web page.

2. Take  EST 499: Independent Study. Be mentored in an independent research project by one of our faculty on a project of your own design on a real world problem or trend.

3. SUNY Korea has a Flipped Learning Initiative. We emphasize hands-on innovative learning built from deep mentoring by faculty in the classroom with students on particular projects, instead of memorization, lecturing, and testing.

4. Professional training extension links with POSCO Steel via the ICTCCP grant program and with KHNP (Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Company, the state-run operator of hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants in South Korea).

5. You can work with real businesses on campus using 3D printers and software/hardware design, for work or for credit! At SUNY Korea, The Global Startup Campus is a large software/hardware business incubator. Over 50 'startup' business (entrepreneurial businesses) are on campus to inspire you with ideas of social leadership and technical innovation as you study. You are welcome to interact with them easily.

6.  A short list of our institutional and corporate collaborators are:
Korean Red Cross,
International Red Cross,
POSCO Steel,
Genesem Semiconductors,
United Nations Disaster Risk Management Office (UNDRR), FirstNet (Korean Government Disaster Management Organization)
ICHNP (IIHT Certified Hardware & Networking Professional Association)
KHNP (Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Corporation
Incheon International Airport
Grace and Mercy Foundation, Korea
Yeonsu Gu, Incheon District Government
KIAT (Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology)
KOTRA (Koran Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)
K-NRF (Korean National Research Foundation)
IFEZ (Incheon Free Economic Zone)
Incheon Metropolitan City
American Chamber of Commerce, Korea