Technology, Policy, and Innovation (TPI)

Doctorate in Technology, Policy, and Innovation (TPI)

This Ph.D. Program was developed with the mission to develop a cadre of scholars who will be engines of national leadership in gauging the prospects and charting the future course of technologies. It is based on a new model for twenty-first century doctoral education that promotes highly intensive collaborations and uses advanced educational technologies in a fertile, diverse, globally networked laboratory environment that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

In addition to drawing on the expertise of faculty in the Department of Technology and Society, the Ph.D. program is supported by more than 20 affiliated faculty members from throughout the Stony Brook campus. Students in the Ph.D. program will work in one or more of three areas:

  • Energy and environmental systems
  • Educational technologies and education in engineering and applied sciences
  • Technology management, ICT for sustainable development, engineering entrepreneurship, and science and technology policy

There are a limited number of similar doctoral programs in the world. The most successful ones include the Engineering and Public Policy Program (EPP) at Carnegie Mellon University, the Technology and Policy Program (Ph.D. in Technology, Management, and Policy) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, and Systems Engineering and Policy Analysis Program at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Among the technology and policy programs, TPI is the only program that includes educational technology and education in engineering and applied sciences among the technology-policy areas.

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