Departmental Themes

Entrepreneurship/Innovation, Digital Technologies, Project Management,
and Sustainable Development

Unique DTS Programs that Merge Technical and Management Skills

Our programs give you three sets of skills and competences:

  • technical expertise in your field for entry level positions;
  • project management skills in problem-solving for social, environmental, and technical issues for management positions; and
  • a global understanding of future science and technological issues for international leaders and policy makers
Two technical and policy concerns anchor our department: environmental sustainability and the potential of information and communications technology (ICT) to achieve it.

These future-oriented themes are important in our Bachelor’s of Science degree in Technological Systems Management (TSM), our Master’s Degree in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) or Global Management, and our Doctorate in Technology, Policy, and Innovation (TPI).

Our undergraduate degree has a unique specialization in information and communications technologies (ICT) for “smart” development. It addresses technical issues such as decision making with big data, managing digital networks, designing applications for mobile devices, planning for smart cities, training for digital pedagogy, how to manage projects, and  evaluating policies related to ethical AI in robotics, sustainable development, and economic growth.

The Four Smarts  help you gain knowledge of four issues in technological systems that enable problem solving for real-world system management problems.

One of our department’s frameworks for thinking about technological systems is The Four Smarts:

Smart Communities – Smart Cities, Smart Regions, Urban and Regional Planning, Energy Infrastructures, Waste Infrastructures; Environmental/Social Impact Assessment Skills

Smart Education – Digital Teaching and Learning Skills; Pedagogy Design for Online Platform-Based Learning

Smart Ethics -  Policy Leadership and Ethical Concerns about Technological Systems and Anticipation of Future Problems; Ethics for Robots and Artificial Intelligence; Surveillance and Privacy Legislation

Smart Development – Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D); Sustainable Energy Grids; Smart Grids; Mobile-Based Development; Circular Economy; Data for Development (D4D); Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups; Humanitarian Technology; Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR); Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As we train present and future leaders to be managers or entrepreneurs, we emphasize entrepreneurship/innovation, digital technologies, project management skills, and sustainable development.

Our students develop into professionals and future leaders who can tackle urgent technical, environmental, or social challenges in their enterprises or throughout the world.  

We hope you join us.